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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Good Times

You got the bushy eyebrows too?

The squirrel froze and looked at me bug-eyed. Then he flicked his tail twice and scampered up a near-by tree.

Oh. So that’s a tail you got, roof rat. You lucky rodent. Me, I am fresh out.

Uninspired, exhausted and running on fumes. I got the flat-line mind, I tell you. In West Texas, such a man might brag, “It feels like I been rode hard and put up wet.”

It seems like these four-day weekends take longer then ever to get over. Wife came and told me the game plan early Saturday morning: we will drop by her brother’s place for lunch after church Sunday.

I quickly took my second sip of java for the day, and then the other eye suddenly popped open. What did she just say? Was that informational overload somehow meant for me? Who are you talking about? Where does he live? What brother? When? And why? Wait a minute! Come back here!

Oh, man. Is this really necessary? Do we have to? Can’t we just go straight home so I can nap?

When I finally twirled my emptied cup in a tight circle, the last little drop remaining at the bottom made it almost half-way around the track. A distorted reflection of my face looked up at me looking back. A mug in a mug. Okay, I sadly relented. Fine. We will go. But only for a half-hour.

We stayed way too long. She totaled up the hours spent as we pulled into our driveway. Eight. No, eight and a half.

Who knew her brother would wisely have a few beers on-hand?


Blogger Gone Away said...

It is often the case that much-dreaded events turn out to be more fun than expected. I remember a recent kids' party that I dreaded for a long time, then found that the adults who accompanied the kids were quite entertaining. In the end, the party lasted until long after the kids had gone to bed. That might have had something to do with our discovery that there was wine on the premises, however...

3:15 PM  
Blogger Janus Torrell said...

For me Harry, it's always the getting there that is the hardest.

I usually have a good time, but getting there requires someone cracking a whip over my head.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Sweetpea said...

Oh yes...I had to go to open house with Ryan at school...dreaded there and all his teachers told me what a good student he is.....what a surprise and I actually enjoyed it.......and no beer or wine......imagine that !!

10:15 PM  
Blogger Harry said...

Wine, whips and teachers? Say, there waits a story.

11:11 AM  

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