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Friday, April 27, 2007

A Wild Cat Tale

Allen snorts but rolls over and lays still, so Thelma eases her body out of bed, hurriedly buttoning a thin gown against the chilled night air. Then quietly removing a shotgun from its roost over the headboard, she crept from the darkened room to investigate the racket near the end of the dam. Her henhouse just recently sounded an alarm and most of her chickens were excitedly hard at work on the project.

But by the time Thelma got to the area, things inside the coop were back to normal again, all but for a sampling of discontents who grumbled unsettled thoughts amongst themselves, chicken-style.

A sudden movement in nearby bushes frightened the poor woman, and so she reflexively aimed and fired a shot.

Thelma stands up now and stretches an arm up over her head to indicate just where and how she held the lifeless bob cat by the scruff of his neck.

Then she clucks her tongue twice and shakes her head once.

“His tail still dragged the ground, honey.”


Blogger Janus Torrell said...

Haven't run into wild cats as of yet,
Though I heard a cougar once out West.

I have had to fire at a few wild dogs when I lived back at home, out here the world is empty of animals.

Sometimes thats good, but at times it makes things seem empty

12:50 PM  
Blogger Harry said...

Are you in outer space?

9:55 PM  
Blogger Janus Torrell said... the city. It can be very uneventful in this part of town.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Harry said...

Wild dogs, eh? Now there is an untold story.

4:39 PM  
Blogger The Fractal Cat said...

Wild dogs, wild cats... Ye gods! What sort of world is this? Next thing is you'll be telling me there are Wild Men (and women)!

My only claim to fame in killing anything in anger is swatting the occasional fly...

But then - we don't have all those wild critters running loose across the landscape. Tho', rumour (the Press) has it that 'The Beast of Bodmin (described as a Panther, a leopard or 'Large Cat' is roaming around Bodmin Moor...


5:58 PM  
Blogger Harry said...

Poor Isle flies.

Say, does that moorish roamer have a tail that still drags the ground?

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Don Thompson said...

Harry. Tarzan is still one of my favorites. I remember that movie you related to very well. Matter of fact I think I have it on VHS. Plan to try to put the movies on DVD some time soon. Who was the first Tarzan. Do you remember?? Elmo Lincoln....


7:23 AM  

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