From the edge of the swamp

Location: marengo, il, United States

Friday, May 04, 2007

Jubilee of the Monkey


Vincent bought Sally a baby monkey which she soon learned to love. The creature would cling to her bosom while she went about her morning chores, humming tunes and singing gaily to herself. He acted just as content to ride.

And then during the heat of long, sultry afternoons, the monkey found delight splashing in shallow waters of a rock pond Vincent had recently built for Sally (he had later installed a suitable diving board for the little monkey’s pleasure).

Sally took to sunbathing on a chaise lounge and reading novels to herself while monitoring their tame pet.

A nearby cherry tree offered cool shade and succulent fruits. One hot day at the height of summer harvest, the monkey scoured lush grass under its limbs , searching for the tastiest of the well-ripened cherries. Sally continued to read, unaware of the intoxicating fruit her darling monkey kept devouring.

She did notice, however, when he staggered over to the diving board. So she laid her book flat to watch.

First he weaved and then he tottered, this way and that, till he arrived at the edge at the end of the board. There he stopped and turned to look at Sally. And then the drunk monkey grinned once, and then waving its arms in loopy circles, it fell backwards.

The wet thing immediately shot from the water, but only to scamper back onto the spring board, and for awhile entertain Sally with his silly business. But the reckless behavior came to an end after he gently laid his head in Sally’s lap, where he moaned and passed out.

When Vincent returned from work later and heard the news, he went and tried to rouse the ape from its stupor so he could get an encore act up and running. But the chimp refused to cooperate, and from then on wanted no further relationship with any rock pond or low board or those sweet but evil cherries.