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Friday, December 10, 2004

Class?? Claaass!!

The view up here at the top of my platform in the tree has cleared somewhat since winter has arrived. I can look down below and see that the crowd there looks as sparse as the leaves left behind, and some of the bipeds who linger in my yard appear to be mumbling things I can’t quite make out. Not surprising, since the ears are getting clogged with some pretty undesirable things.

I think I saw one hold up a placard earlier, with a huge question mark on it. I read the message as a Why.

Why are you up there in that cold tree anyway, man? What are you climbing up there every day for and making us come out here to freeze our butts off ? You think we like doing this? What is your point, Mr. Birdman? Are you going to jump, because if you are, we might stay to watch.

Well. I’ll just open my thermos and pour me another steaming hot cuppa while the mob down there stomps all over my dormant grass. And if I get an idea that seems worthwhile, I’ll slip off the battery-powered mittens to strike a few keys on the laptop. Not a lot else to do up on this lonesome perch, which is just fine with me.

Man, it’s quiet way up here at the top, and I can see for miles. Just a steady breeze to keep me company. The birds left. They crap everywhere, as it is. Who needs that?

Now I have to laugh…two cars down the street -- one stopped at an intersection, waiting on another tiny one to go by -- it looks like the first one is impatient, the way it came to a halt stuck partway out on the main road, but then it chickened out.

And that poor person down below has just set fire to the sign. My stars. They ought to do what I did; dress warmer.

Went shopping at the local market yesterday. What a wonderful place to visit and learn from. Here’s some woman, yanking on one of her kid’s ears and screaming like a banshee because the kid wants something she don’t. This kid has pluck. He’s been bugging her ever since we all came in. I followed them through the front entry and overheard the whining start while I busted a knuckle getting my own cart dislodged from a long line of other tight-fitting carts, and I was forced to listen as I trailed along in their wake, looking for my own have-to-haves.

Can I get this? Why not? Come on, mom…please, please, please? I want this. I want that. I never had this one before. Can I have it? Can I please have it? Just this once? Please, please, please? Come on, mom. I won’t ask for anything else. Mom?

Interspersing the no word in between each of the child’s utterances will give the reader an accurate picture of this woman’s state of mind, perhaps. I will state that she did look fit to be plucked. Oh, she was ripe to be done in, and that little kid saw it as well as I did.

Markets are a great classroom. I learn more on how not to raise kids there than any place else.

Hmm. Where did the small crowd disappear to? I wonder if they read my mind, and went to find some long johns?

Me, I’ll continue to stay warm by getting exercise climbing up and down the ladder.


Blogger Gone Away said...

Some stay, some go; it was ever thus.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Harry said...

(Hark! A voice from yon adjacent treetop)

12:36 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

And just WHAT do you have against birds, anyway? We happen to be adorable!

3:05 PM  
Blogger The Bubaker said...

I don't know about the others but I'm waiting to see if that part-way sawn branch gives way...

7:19 AM  

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