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Saturday, February 05, 2005


I have finally discovered who I am, as the following confirms. (maybe Ebay will sell my tinfoil hat collection now)
You're Alice's Adventures in Wonderland! by Lewis Carroll After stumbling down the wrong turn in life, you've had your mind opened to a number of strange and curious things. As life grows curiouser and curiouser, you have to ask yourself what's real and what's the picture of illusion. Little is coming to your aid in discerning fantasy from fact, but the line between them is so blurry that it's starting not to matter. Be careful around rabbit holes and those who smile to much, and just avoid hat shops altogether. Take the Book Quiz at the Blue Pyramid.


Blogger Harry said...

Odd. I feel so pretty now. Anyone want tea?

3:23 PM  
Blogger Gone Away said...

I am a sad, sad person. I'm the kind of person that takes quizzes to find out what kind of person I am. What can cure me of this sad, sad affliction? Where is there healing and comfort? Worst of it is, I take this darn quiz and find out I'm some book that I've never heard of written by someone no-one's ever heard of. Just how sad does that make me?

Anyway, just so you all (y'all) can have a good laugh at my expense, here's my result:

You're The Giver!
While you grew up with a sheltered childhood, you're pretty sure
everyone around you is even more sheltered. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, you were
tapped on the shoulder and transported to the real world. This made you horrified by
your prior upbringing and now you're tormented by how to reconcile these two lives.
Ultimately, the struggle comes down to that old free will issue. Choose

3:45 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

Well, if we're going to be books, I pick "I Know why the Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Ned said...

Well, I messed with the questions a bit trying to get a better answer. I kept ending up with Charles Dickens anyway. I never realized before that it took only six questions to sum up a person. What a waste of time doing psychoanalysis is! I have up until now, resisted the multiple choice personality quizzes I see on blogs but somehow, I felt I could trust Harry, surely he has had this thing researched for accuracy. I fudged once on the questions and ended up David Copperfield but answering truthfully always brought me to this:
Great Expectations:
Coming from humble beginnings, you have become pretty stuck-up in your later years. While hard work and dedication were the path you first walked on, a sudden fork brought you glory and fortune. Unfortunately, you have changed even more than your bottom line. You really should turn back to your old friends and at least respect your old life. Look out for haughty hotties.

I only want to know two things: 1) Where is my glory and where oh where is my fortune? and 2) Where are these haughty hotties? (I have been looking) Hmmm.. maybe they are the ones who took my glory and fortune.
I have to go now and look up some old friends if they will talk to me. If they don't, I can't blame them. I have changed so much!

4:32 PM  
Blogger Harry said...

Stuck-up; stuck-down. It is all so curious. Excuse me while I sing a verse from "Your cheatin' owl"

4:43 PM  
Blogger Gone Away said...

Pah! You're all more sheltered than I am...

4:55 PM  
Blogger Harry said...

Then you'd be Billy Goat Gruff?

4:57 PM  
Blogger Ned said...

I think it meant the longer I sit here, the bigger my bottom line gets.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Gone Away said...

Shhhh, I'm trying to choose wisely...

5:45 PM  
Blogger Ned said...

I am too stuck-up to notice anyone else.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Gone Away said...

Let me reconcile that if I can...

6:42 PM  
Blogger Harry said...

Be careful. She was forked, and v. suddendly.

7:36 PM  
Blogger Harry said...

Apropos of nothing in particular on this thread (surprise!) finds me reporting that Ali just returned home from a shopping rampage as one valiant and noble Amazonian. After wiping off layers of caked blood derived from lesser hunter/gathering fems, she chose first to hold up a thinnish package of what at first sight, by the light of our flickering cave fire, was thought to be a box of panty hose, but is often the case (O fortuitous pun -- thank you), I had seriously erred. What most surprised me next was to realize the fact that she not only had overheard my earlier mutterings as I busied myself stoking the fire with my big toe, but that she managed to even decipher them at all -- for in her hand she showed me a new DVD entitled “TV Compilations”, with the somewhat garish subhead, “Enjoy TV’s FUNNIEST FAMILIES”.

“And this one cost only a dollar.” She bragged.

Well, I took that as an offence toward another who lives in a grotto far away, but I let it slide for the moment. This angel of “get what you can for less” just looked too blissful for that divulgence.

And then she went on to tell the dwellers here that had she ample time, the local library might now be laying in smoking ruin, for she “knows” they hoard the blamedthings for free. At great risk of losing my spot nearest the flame, I had to rush here and carve this messag, but since I hear loud cackling coming from the entrance, where an object sets with the imp that makes pictures move about and flicker, I should return right away.

8:47 PM  
Blogger David BC Tan said...

"And now my friends the time has come to talk of other things, of shoes and ships and sealing wax. Of cabbages and kings."

1:47 AM  

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