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Monday, November 16, 2009

the mouse that roared at me

i heard a mouse last night. it woke me up from a sound sleep, chewing loudly on something near by. darn it, they are back, i thought. the little gnarly whippersnappers.

i laid in bed for a while, groggily hoping the critter would go away. but it kept right on chewing and jarring my senses.

i finally woke up and took action.

first, i used my hand and banged on the back of a metal chair, which stood next to my bed. the noise it produced was dull and ineffective. so i banged on it harder, this time using a near-by flashlight. it sounded more or less the same: the mouse kept crunching away.

then i cleared my throat loudly. nothing changed. after that, as he showed no fright, i pounded on the floor several times with my fist.

crazy mouse - he kept right on chewing noisily on something that must have been too good to pass up. i pictured the little rodent as having crossed eyes and smiling wanly.

finally, from my bed i hissed loudly at the room, pretending that i was a cat.


my frustration worked wonders; the room instantly grew silent, and eventually i fell back to sleep.

how easy was that, mouse-trap people?


Anonymous Don said...

Hi: Great story. Hope you got the little devil. We need all the sleep we can get at our age....

Take Care.


8:09 AM  
Blogger a fractal cat said...

It's the little thing in life that make the best reading. Nice one way.
I am minded of Maggie who had a mouse in her bedroom. The furniture was sparse so she and her boyfriend decided to empty the room to find the rodent. She wanted it trapped because the thought of killing the wee thing was to awful to contemplate.
Room emptied, they began the search. Nothing was found.
The bed was a large one so they upended it and left it sticking upright, set out 'humane' traps and she spent the w/e at her boyfriends.
Upon returning home nothing was found. All traps empty. Undaunted she fell into the waiting game and spent the next couple of nights sleeping downstairs. Midweek came and still nothing. Declaring that the poor thing must have moved out, she collected fresh linen to make up the bed.
Upon returning the bed to proper position she found the reason for the empty traps - The poor wee mousie had been squashed flat under the thick leg of the bed when it had been upended on day one.


2:22 PM  

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