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Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Box

Manufacturer’s recommended prescribed amount: Ingest one serving to relieve temporary boredom; two for slightly better comprehension. Take before bedtime, and prior to Christmas Eve. Avoid over-dosing. Large amounts may cause allergic reactions such as disdain or mild grimacing, while in a few cases, retching may be experienced, although no deaths have yet to be observed or reported. Some may show signs of emotional upheavals, which could lead to swelling of the eyes and some leakage, but these weak symptoms usually pass. Unless taken along with the aforementioned warnings, the manufacturer disavows all future claims of bodily injury or mental disturbance. Merry Christmas.

This year’s been busy with real non-essentials, though that does not include work
I pause as I look at that word “nonessential”, and feel somewhat like a jerk
My God, my wife, my kids and my friends matter most when I think seriously
It sure bears repeating again and again…the best things in life are free

(The box, it’s empty. There’s nothing
Inside for you to see
Shake it, attempt to destroy it
It’s priceless, forever and free)

I’ve spent lots of time here lately; it seems, rethinking my options and gifts
Just what would please? How much does it cost? Am I leaving someone off the list?
I fret and I ponder and toss ideas out as time grows short and I fear
Another occurrence, another repeat of mistakes I’ve made through the year

(This box is light as a feather
It’s wrapped and ready to go
Oddest thing is you have it by now
Or didn’t you already know?)

Fortunes, like weather, are forever shifting. You’ll hear as I cry at the cold
Thanks for enduring my whining. It’s funny…I truly do love the fresh snow
But this gift I have, it won’t disappear and it’s stylish I’m told, and quite tough
There’s plenty for you and for all concerned, yet you’ll never get quite enough

(The box is full, but looks empty
For nonce what I say is so true
It’s mine! ‘Tis mine! It’s all mine, I say!
And yet, it belongs all to you)

Now unwrap it slowly. Don’t rush or you’ll rip it. It can be destroyed, you know
By rash behavior, indiscriminate words, cold, or by being ignored
This small disclaimer I add for myself, for I’ve done what I've stated above
This small box I give you with judicious trust…I’m offering you my love

(The box, it sets on the table
Quiet, unobtrusive and true
It won’t go away; it is here to stay
In your heart. I love you)


Blogger Hannah said...

I see you've branched out. Very nice job.

11:49 AM  
Blogger Gone Away said...

Very nice, Harry. The best gift of all. ;)

11:57 AM  
Blogger Jay said...

You forgot to say cottonmouth; never forget the cottonmouth Harry.

4:54 AM  
Blogger Actressdancer said...

Wow Harry! I'm inspired. That was truly well done. I look forward to reading more such as this.

9:27 AM  

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