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Monday, December 27, 2004

Cry Me a Rib

Icy. Icy heart. O icy, icy heart
Oh, I see
I see heart
I see time

Yes, I see time left to bare the ass of my soul
To blog through the deep and bitter coal
Let me lift the skirts of my sorrows
To bare the ass of my soul
Yes, bear my ass, for the whole world must witness
What a sight to soar, eyes

Poor ass
Pour, poor ass
Poor world
Pour, poor world

Rent out the vaulted ceilings of my heart
Hurl across time and space
Poor thee, forth; tour de force
Pour forth and so forth
Plumb the debts
Carve into the deep
Naked I weep
Naked I sleep
Yes, naked I sweep
And naked I go
O naw to the forlorn bone

Cry me a rib or
Cry me a rib or I'll fly a quiver, over-used.


Blogger Hannah said...

The thought of Harry sweeping in the nude is a frightening one. Nevertheless, I like the poem.

5:37 PM  

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